Hi. I'm using Frank's tutorial which really works great. This is a complex question; so I'm will to pay for some help.

But I'd like to use a similar set-up only instead of using the whole SUBCATEGORY column like:
[WM-RECORD cols=3 width=800][WM-IndexLabel: SUBCATEGORY]

I'd like to create CATEGORIES AND/OR SUBCATEGORIES using an "If contains then .. "

So here is my question. What is the best way to set up directories to do this?

I've been keeping my source file - tab-delin text file - outside my web site directory because if the database file is inside my web site - Dreamweaver takes forever to refresh. But it take a lot of time to constantly change directories in the WM program to browse for the database file.

Seems like the source file directory defaults to the same directory as the Template and WM files.

Then to further complicate things, my HOST, will only allow 2,000 files under any directory (it is an FTP server restriction). So I'm putting all my detail files in top level directories - this further complicates setting up WebMerge and Templates.

So - do any of you have some wisdom on the very best directory structure to use? At least I could start from there.

Here is an example of what I mean:

database directory - C:\databases\database1.txt
webmerge directory - C:\My Webs\WebSite1\setupfiles\setupfile1.4ww

category templates - C:\My Webs\WebSite1\setupfiles\category-template.html
subcat templates - C:\My Webs\WebSite1\setupfiles\subcatgory-template.html
detail templates - C:\My Webs\WebSite1\setupfiles\detail-template.html

category & subcategory files
- C:\My Webs\WebSite1\category1\category-file-template.html
detail files - C:\My Webs\WebSite1\detail1\detail-template.html

You can see where it gets complicated.

Is there a better way?