I'm using Frank's tutorial. This is a big question and I'm will to pay for assistance.

I have a large database (7,200) from a merchant that doesn't make it very easy to break all the product's into categories and subcategories.

If I use the categories the merchant provides, I get category pages with 100's of subcategories on the category page and sometimes only one product on the subcategory page.

I've tried a bunch of different ways to break up the database - but so far they are all pretty "manual labor" intensive.

a. search-n-replace plus cut-n-paste words in the Category column to try to break up into smaller categories/subcategories. Laborious and doesn't even make a good easy to navigate site.

b. use an Excel "if/search" function to make a new columnn with category names. For example, search for "mouse" in Category column, If word "mouse" is found, put word "computer" in a new column called "myCategories". Again, laborious, because I'd have to use tons of nested IF statements.

c. use WebMerge If field .cn. keyword - list only rows with that keyword. But I'm lost trying to use the "contains" statement with the category, subcategory and detail template format (like Frank's tutorial).

Hope you can help me.

Thanks, April