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    What is the apropriate code format to resize an image using the WM-=ImagePath tag?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Well, I'm pretty new to WM myself but I've got a little time on my hands so I'll give it a shot...

    The documentation for WM-ImagePath doesn't refer to any attributes for size so you probably need to use WM-Field tags instead. For example, if you wanted all the images scaled to 150 pixels wide (proportionately), I believe you would write something like this:

    <img src="[WM-Field: pathToImageFile nolink]" width="150">

    But if you had a specific height and width for each image -- defined by fields in your feed -- you'd do this:

    <img src="[WM-Field: pathToImageFile nolink]" height="[WM-Field: imageHeight nolink]" width="[WM-Field: imageWidth nolink]">

    You wouldn't need the "nolink" attribute on detail pages.


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