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    I want to make a space between characters, like this:
    C A T E G O R Y so my WM setting is [WM-FIELD: C A T E G O R Y], but that came up errors.
    So I tired this:
    CATEGORY] and that came up errors.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

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    To make your category names have spaces like what you seem to mean, you'd need to put the spaces into your source data, not the WM tag.

    But I don't know an easy way to change *that* in the source data...
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    I don't think you will find a command line fo rwhat you want. Changing the look/style of the category description like you've described is something you must do to the datafeed before running webmerge.

    added: you beat me to it Leader!

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    To create a space in between a word, you could use the mid function.
    ABestWeb would result in A B e s t W e b if you used the following formula:

    =MID(A1,1,1)&" "&MID(A1,2,1)&" "&MID(A1,3,1)&" "&MID(A1,4,1)&" "&MID(A1,5,1)&" "&MID(A1,6,1)&" "&MID(A1,7,1)&" "&MID(A1,8,1)

    As long as ABestWeb was in A1 of course

    So you could do a similar formula for any length of word, and then paste special the value into a different cell

    Is that what you are trying to do?

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    Wonderful! Thanks so much!

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