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    One of our affiliates asked the following question. I was unable to help him and I was hoping that someone here would know the answer.

    We supply a product description in a bulleted form.

    ex. <ul><li>80% Polyester/20% rayon</li><li>Lined</li><li>Breast pocket</li><li>Two front pockets</li><li>Dry clean</li></ul>

    When the affiliate attempts to merge this data the html is converted to text. How would he go about merging this data in HTML form?

    Thank you,
    Michael Abolafia
    GSI Commerce

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    What I've been doing is using find/replace and inserting the bullets instead of the <ul><li> </li> in my feeds. They come out fine, even if this is a very simplistic, newbie method.
    It's probably more work this way, but I do all my special characters that way and my pages are perfect.

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    The easiest way to do this is to add the raw paramater :

    [WM-Field: Description raw]

    From webmerge help files ::>

    Using the raw attribute
    By default, WebMerge converts field data to HTML. The conversion changes all non-ASCII characters to their corresponding character entity according to the ISO 8859-1 standard. For example, the character "<" becomes "<". This attribute is useful if your database contains some fields whose data is already in HTML format, to prevent WebMerge from altering it for Web display. If your field already contains HTML, you can tell WebMerge not to perform this conversion by using the raw attribute.

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    Thank you for your help. I will pass this info along.

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    Yup!, the "raw" tag attribute passes the original html formatting to the document (from the data feed file). Works great when you have html in descriptions, and also when ensuring URL's don't get converted with ASCII/ISO characters.

    Thanks Ms. Woodtick and AWaRâ„¢.


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    Thank you for this thread. I was having a similar problem with tracking URL code. Adding raw worked perfectly.

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    Hmmm...this has me wondering:

    WebMerge defaults to converting text for web display because the majority of data it's likely to encounter is in plain text, without the necessary tags needed for browsers, so most of the time it's helpful.

    But some of the better data feeds now include web-ready content, such as described above, and as you've seen in those cases WebMerge's default behavior isn't helpful for those.

    It's easy enough to add the "raw" attribute, but I'd prefer that folks not have to think about it at all, so tell me what you think about this:

    What if WebMerge had an auto-detect behavior by default, in which any text containing, say, "<p>" or "&gt;" is assumed to be web-ready and will automatically not be translated?

    We could still offer the "raw" attribute so you could explicitly tell WebMerge to leave data alone if needed, and could even add a new attribute to tell it to always translate a given field. But if the default behavior was to make a reasonable guess about the content I suspect it may simplify things for a majority of users.

    Can you folks see any downside to this proposal?
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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