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    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows the answer to this question.

    In Webmerge, on the index page setting tab, down at the bottom of the page there is a setting that allows you to specify the conditions that will cause Webmerge to start a new index page.

    Included in the choices you can make a new page for a certain number of records, or you can make a new page when the category name changes.

    I want to do both. That is, I want to put 12 records on a page, until a new category starts, Then I need to start a new page with that category and put 12 records on those pages and so on.

    How can I do both?

    Thank you.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Richard has promised this feature in the next update.

    Meanwhile there is a workaround described in "Lessons Learned" at

    Excerpt from Lessons Learned
    Speaking of "tricks" and Lessons Learned, I am looking for an easier way to create multiple and successive WebPages with tables of products within the same category. For example, I may have 100+ products in one category of a large datafeed. In order to avoid creating a humongous table with 100 cells to display those products, I need a way to break the category into a series of tables and pages, e.g., 24 products per table per page.

    WM provides an option to create a new index page after “n” items OR when a variable name changes. What I need is a feature that combines the two, i.e., creates a new index page after “n” records WITHIN a category. Might this be done using an “IF” statement? I haven’t yet tackled at that level of WM.

    My workaround is to redefine the field “Category” to create a new field called “CategoryNBR” in my datafeed that changes every “Nth” record for categories with more than 24 products. For example, in a category of 100+ products called “Ballpoints” I now have Category names called “Ballpoints” (records 1-24), “Ballpoints1” (records 25-48), and so on. I then set WM to create index pages based on the contents of the field “CategoryNBR.” This does the job, but it does require some extra data manipulation each time I download a new datafeed.

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    Hi Frank, thanks for your reply.

    It took me a minute or two to work out a mental picture
    in my mind of exactly what this would look like in Excel.

    I now understand your explanation and I think it is a really smart way to deal with the question. My original idea was to break the feed up into it's separage categories and run WM on each one.

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