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    I'm a new WM user and I'm trying to build some datafeed sites. I launch 2 sites (less than 200 products) without a big problem. So I tried a little big one for me: 1800 products. I really don't like the amount of time It took to put the files in the Internet. So, I had a dream, about a new complement of this product. I said complement because, I found that the software version is important to build and try until the developper are satisfied.

    So, why not about a PHP-complement version of this software. A software with only goal to deploy all the pages;

    About the process:

    1- You do think as usual with the PC version

    2- When you are satisfied with your new pages, you upload the WM php-version + settings + templates + the datafeed, in a tmp directory of your host

    3- You log in to the php-version and click on generate => This action generate all the files as if you were on your PC.

    4- You delete the tmp directory if all is OK

    So with this software, you gain the time you take to upload your file.

    If you look at the Market for Website Software Generators, you'll see that many are php version. And I agreethat this could be a good solution.

    What do you think about this complement?

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    Actually I think that your "dream" is already possible with some custom programming by Richard, but at a price.

    On the other hand, here is an excerpt from one of my earlier posts which explains how you can dramatically speed up the uploading process IF you have Telnet or SSH access to your website.

    I WROTE in
    If your webhosting account permits Telnet or Shell access you can cut down your uploading time by zipping the files before uploading them, and then unzipping them.

    In my case, for example, I use PowerZip to zip an entire WM-created website that may include several thousand pages. This process creates a .tgz file, e.g., FILENAME.TGZ

    I use WS-FTP to upload the zipped file to my website. Then, I use the PUTTY utility to access my account through an SSH connection. The unzipping commands require two steps:

    First, to unzip the file use
    This will unzip the file and create one file call FILENAME.TAR

    Second, to expand the tar file use
    This expands the tar file to release the thousand WM created webpages.

    Total time to create, zip, upload, and unzip 4,000 webpages is less than 15 minutes (with a broadband connection).

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