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    Morning all. Being this side of the pond I guess I'm the first to report sale locks Thing is I've just checked my CJ UK account to see that my sales/leads have changed to locked status for the whole of October and not just upto 10/20/04.

    From what I've worked out I will only get paid for sales 20 Sept - 20 Oct. Is this correct. I would love to get paid the whole of October as my best sales were near the end of the month. Can somebody please clarify.

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    January 17th, 2005
    My whole month of October is locked too, and I'm a UK CJ publisher also. I'm not complaining about the lockings though! That said I've only ever had a single reversal in my working with CJ (clickbank being a whole different story). I guess I'm still relatively small-fry though as far as sales volumes are concerned.

    Oh and hi everyone!


    Edit: My estimated payment this month doesn't seem to reconcile either, I'll see if I can figure it out.

    Okay, all my payments in my payment history match exactly to the entire prior month of transactions (except the early days where I didn't make the minimum payment, lol). I.e. My payment on September 16 was for the entirity of August (i.e. 1st - 31st). My estimated payment for October's transactions is still quite heavily overestimated though.

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    I don't know if it's different for UK affiliates or not, but here we get paid not from the 20t-20th, but from the 1st-30th/31st. So, on November 20th, we get paid for the entire month of October.

    If you're new and had sales from September and hit the minimum amount in October for a check, then you will be paid for your September sales as well. Also, any bonus that is credited to your account in November (for prior months), will get paid on the November 20th check.


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