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    January 18th, 2005
    I've been using WM of several months off and on and have started to get the hang of it. But (there's always a but), when I tried to do something a little more fancy, WM lets me down. :-(

    What I'm trying to do is create a navigational bar using rollover graphics (that bit is easy). The problem is that I want to include some javascript within WM-LinkIndex tag,that contains a WM-Field tag to do something else. When I do it, it all goes pearshaped when WM compiles the pages!

    The tag I'm trying to use looks (something) like this:

    [WM-LinkIndex: <script Language="JavaScript">...[WM-Field: Number]... </script>

    When WM parses the LinkIndex Tag, as soon as it meets the ] of the WM-Field tag, it terminates the LinkIndex tag and screws the page code. I'm guessing that WM doesn't count opening ['s and then closes them off sequentially.

    Is there a way around this, or could the very, very, very programmers at Fourth World patch this feature :-o

    If it is any help, I'm running version 2.2.

    PS. WM tags work very nicely within Java scripts!

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    January 18th, 2005
    This isn't something that I have worked with, however, couldn't you use some sort of merge function within Excel (or another program) to insert your "Number" field into the Java Script text and then use WebMerge to insert the combined field "JavaScript-Number"?

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    Have you tried putting both the script tags inside the WM tag?

    [WM-LinkIndex: <script Language="JavaScript">...</script>[WM-Field: Number]...

    Or have the WM tags both inside the javascript?


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    January 18th, 2005

    Yes an excellent idea; you can use the CONCATENATE function in Excel to build up sections of Javascripts. In fact that's exactly what I have done on another page of this project, however you are still left with the same problem of [WM-LinkIndex: [WM-Field: Java_Code]] not being parsed by WM 'correctly'. Whilst in this example given here, it wouldn't make any difference (in theory). However, if you wanted some thing like:

    [WM-LinkIndex: [WM-Field: Field_1][WM-Field: Field_2]]

    I thing that the result you would get will be equivilent to,

    [WM-LinkIndex: [WM-Field: Field_1]]

    And with:

    [WM-LinkIndex: [WM-Field: Field_1]...some HTML...]

    You get:

    [WM-LinkIndex: [WM-Field: Field_1]]

    I think that it's a feature of the software that could be worked around in some cases. But it would be nice to be able to nest WM tags within each other. Something for the programmers to mull over for the next release? I've not downloaded version 2.3 yet and had a play with the TagMaker plugin, but that might do exactly what I want. Anybody played with that feature yet? What do you think of it?


    Hopefully the above answers your question. I have used WM tags very successfully to write custom Javascript by embedding WM tags within the JS itself.

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