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    I can't seem to find any information about how on a given subcategory page to make webmerge create a new page with navigation to the new page after let's say 12 items.

    As several of my feeds have a 60+ items per subcategory and it takes to long to load this many items on one page.

    In this case the 60 items with 12 items per page would create 5 pages and I would like my customers to be able to navigate between these five pages.

    How can I do this with webmerge as right now I have to separate the link the pages be hand.

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    Right now Webmerge can't do that - we're hoping that feature will be in the next release. For now you can use your Excel spreadsheet to make Webmerge separate it. Here is an explanation:


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    "I have to separate the link the pages be hand."

    This is a manual labor solution as well, but a lot faster and easier than splitting the pages after they have been generated:

    Sort your feed file by categories/subcategories (I use MS Works, would imagine that you could do a similar sort with Excel) and scroll through and manually add a character or term to the subcategories, 12 at a time. So you would have 12 of "thissubcategory-A", 12 of "thissubcategory-B", etc.

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    How do you link these pages. What tag and code do you use. As I get that this will create a folder for the big subcategories with the separated pages in it, but how do you automate the linking of these pages.

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    Seems to me that the standard WM page-to-page navigation taps should work just fine if they are included in your template. Check the help section within WebMerge if you are not familiar with these.

    It should look something like this:
    [WM-LinkIndexFirst]First Page[/WM-LinkIndexFirst]
    [WM-LinkIndexPrevious]Previous Page[/WM-LinkIndexPrevious]
    [WM-LinkIndexNext]Next Page[/WM-LinkIndexNext]
    [WM-LinkIndexLast]Last Page[/WM-LinkIndexLast]

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