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    January 18th, 2005
    Ok I just downloaded a txt file from zzounds opened it up was a huge mess LOL.. so opened it in excel and it nicely was tabled..

    I bought webmerge today, not sure what the next step is..

    Now the hair pulling begins.. im so used to just building pages by hand..

    Ok got theprogram, got the datafeed.. now do i go off first and great a INDEX template?

    Like lets say I was going to have

    on my index page categories down the side like

    Electric Guitars
    Acoustic Guitars
    Bass Guitars

    and when the person clicked on that it took them to a page where it would then list on the left hand side links of all the types of electric guitars and then when you clicked say on LES PAUl. it would take you to the next page and display all the LES PAUL Guitars/images/descripions.

    Do i go make that first? in a template by hand or will webmerge do this, lay it out for me the way i want it?

    Second.. I noticed the txt file is FULL of every instrument from zzounds.. at this time i dont wish to do that.. i just want to build a site around the Guitars

    So do i have to go in manually by hand into the txt file ( excel) and figure out whats not a guitar in there and delete it? before i can use the txt file?

    Im really confused... any help from any other ZZOUNDS affiliates who use WEBMERGE too would be appreciated.


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    You should start with the Webmerge Tutorial at

    Download his stuff, follow the directions, and run a simple data file.

    Then modify templates given to run your own data. After awhile you will develop your own sets of templates that you can modify for new feeds and applications. This takes a bit of time - maybe even a week or two to get the hang of. Be willing to keep working at it though! Also go to for help.
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    With large datafeeds and excel I use the data filters so that I only see the categories I'm currently working on.

    So you could set the filters to only display results in excel that contain the words 'Electric Guitar' for example. Then simply cut and paste the displayed results into a new tab formated excel file. And that's your first modified database. Now point Web Merge to the new database and you'll create web pages just on electric guitars.

    The filter data option on excel is very useful with feeds containing a ton of products not identical.

    Best of luck,

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    Frank's tutorial (in Cheesehead's post) works great! My tutorial is a little different, but you might want to try that as well (I've just revised at lot of it).

    In any event, I would try to read at least one of our tutorials before going any further.

    After you've done that it'll be easier to answer your questions here as well.

    Good luck,


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    Just wanted to say Nice Job on the revised site Fred.

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