Hi Guys, pick your brains time. I am making very slow progress using webmerge but plodding on.

I have a single tier settings file. which produces the pages I want okay. But I get a list a mile long on my index page. The datafeed is National Geographic . My index page just shows on long list on the page.

How can I limit the number of categories per page and show next category to go to another page? or create the lists in 4 columns on the page.

An update to this. I also have a number of items in a number of categories. Each time the index is genrated I get list ie those below. How can I get tehm to all show under one category e.g. Books and Calendars

Books and Calendars NI73211

Books and Calendars > Adventure and Exploration A105059C

Books and Calendars > Animals and Nature A101500C

Books and Calendars > Atlases and Reference A105092C

Books and Calendars > Books, Calendars, & CD-ROMs A107014C

Books and Calendars > Culture A101070C

Books and Calendars > History A103374C

Cheers Kili