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    since reversal rates are not published anymore, i'd like to ask your own experience with QVC, Montgomery Ward and Toshiba (ie their reversal rates on your sites). thanks!

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    Montgomery Ward reverses about 80% of sales. I've lost a lot of money. I'm not talking about one or two sales, I'm talking about 80% of dozens of sales and tens of thousands of dollars of revenue - so it's a pretty large sample size.

    My advice is to stay away from Wards.

    They claim the reason there are so many reversals is that most of their customers apply to put their purchase on a charge/credit account (even small orders, like $30 purchases), and Wards denies nearly all applications, thus cancelling almost all sales.

    This explanation sounds suspicious to me; I'm not conviced this isn't fraud.

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    My reveral rates we less than 10

    5 proir to the merger, They are about 30% now.

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