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    My main problem with Webmerging is not with Webmerge, but in the cumbersome handling using Windows Explorer of the large number of WebPages/files that are so efficiently and quickly generated by WM.

    I am very happy with Webmerge. I am also happy with programs like PowerZip, WS-FTP, and Putty that I use to zip the files, upload them, and unzip them quickly into my websites (using shell access). However, it’s that in between slow file management process using Windows Explorer that I find tedious.

    For example, selecting 10,000 generated files and then using a right click to zip them throws Windows Explorer into a five minute hourglass spinning mode. Isn't there some way to tweak Windows to process the management of a large number of files more quickly? Or, possibly a Windows Explorer replacement program?

    Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if it would work or not with thousands of files, but have you tried setting up a .bat file that you can run and it will zip all the files in that directory?

    I tried it using Winzip and a couple of files and it copied everything, even the bat file. Something to think about.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at that option.

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    You might try running whatever version of DOS that is on the machine. I'm not talking about a DOS window either.

    I never had any luck managing that many files on my Win98 machine - I finally gave up on it. I now write everything over onto an old PC that I installed Linux on - works like a charm and was cheap.


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