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    Is there a way to create a linked crumb trail in a multitier site? What I mean is, is it possible to be on a page and have a navigation that would look like this: Index: Catagory: Subcatagory: Product Group, with these being linked to the appropriate "father" categories of the current page? I hope this question makes sense.

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    to add another note that hopefully will clarify what I want to do. I currently have a text based crumb trail using the following tags: [WM-FIELD: CATEGORY nolink]: [WM-FIELD: SUBCATEGORY nolink]: [WM-FIELD: PRODUCTGROUP nolink]: [WM-FIELD: NAME nolink]. I am using "nolink" because without it, each of the links generated will point to the specific product url rather than the url of the category or subcategory. yet, it gets the text of the name correct. You can check out what this code does at my site: <a href=""></a>. Hope this clarifies what I am trying to do. Basically trying to create a navigation trail to make it easy for users to move about the site. Thanks agian in advance for your help.

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    Thank you very much for your response to this post (and my others). I really appreciate it. Very Helpful! to abbreviate the answer for this post, to create the crumb trail use the following:
    a href="[WM-FIELD: CAT replace(" ","-") nolink].html">
    Back to <b>[WM-FIELD: CAT nolink]</b>

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