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    I have a 'simple' problem; it has probably been addressed already, so I apologise in advance!
    I use WebMerge 2.3 to publish my address database. I sort the Index Page using an IF statement to filter the DB Field 'Group', thus:

    [WM-If: WM-FIELD: Group contains m] [WM-FIELD: Name][/WM-If]

    This works fine BUT when the IF test fails, I get an unsightly blank line in the Index page, each time.

    Can I include an ELSE statement to go to next Record without the 'blank' line? or any other solution! Most grateful for any views; thank you all! JeffJohn

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    I believe this has been addressed in v2.4b2, available for testing on our Download page.

    If the problem persists with that build please send me an email with the settings file, template, and source file attached and I'll address it before v2.4 goes final.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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