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    For affiliates that don't offer direct links to products, is there still a way to do that? I haven't figured this out so have only signed up with companies that will generate links for specific products. Help!

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    I dont think there is a way to do that unless merchant provides the option under CJ interface.
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    And the confusing, but truthful answer is...maybe.

    I do make product links for a couple of merchants that don't offer product links through CJ. It's time-consuming but worthwhile for those few merchants. You should write to the AM first to ask for permission to do so, and also if it's permissable for you to hot-link to their product images. Also you'll want to ask them how they recommend you build the links so they can be tracked. Test a couple before you start making bunches of them to make sure they track.

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    I agree with Rhea.

    If you really need a product link or page link, let the merchant know. Most are more than willing to help!

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    It varies from merchant to merchant. Contact the affiliate manager to find out if they support it and how to create the links.

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