I am proud to announce that our first Open Q&A™ will be with Mr. Spencer Forrest, CEO of Affiliate Fuel.

Affiliate Fuel operates the most targeted CPA (cost-per-action/lead generation), and CPC (cost-per-click) advertising networks on the web. They focus on a true symbiosis of both publishers and merchants by only offering programs that have the highest conversion ratios. They have also carefully evaluated and optimized creatives and merchant landing pages which are the two of the three most important parts of affiliate marketing. I have also seen Affiliate Fuels' completion of their total dedication to support and responsiveness for both merchants and affiliates alike. Their program, is of course, free to joinl.

Prior to forming Affiliate Fuel, Mr. Forrest was involved with many online marketing companies. Eleven months prior to forming Affiliate Fuel he was Sales Manager with iBoost and was largely responsible for the overall profitability of iBoost. While employed there, Mr. Forrest and Mr. Paul Grossman, the founder of, (which was acquired by iBoost in 1999) along with Mr. Matt Simpson, a Business Development Strategist, (who also decided to leave iBoost) joined together to create Affiliate Fuel, and after only a few short months thereafter Affiliate Fuel was profitable and, is, currently, set to become a leader in the performance-based marketing arena.

Mr. Forrest will be answering questions during the week of October 7 -12 regarding their network, affiliate marketing and online advertising related questions!
I am thrilled at such a response from an industry leader such as Mr. Forrest on behalf of Affiliate Fuel and his/their true dedication and to us, the affiliates!

Lets give him some good questions to learn and succeed with!