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    This is the last call for logo submissions to be placed on ABW merchandise. The deadline is:

    January 19th at 12:00 noon EST

    If you don't have a logo, yet but want to be included on the merchandise Quiet777 has offered his design services for $20 as we don't want anyone who wants to participate to be left out, so
    PM Quiet777 to either send your logo or indicate your interest by the deadline mentioned above.


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    The $20 apply to logos, which include no time-intensive graphics, only. Also, it would be nice, if you could come up with a basic idea.
    If you decide to pay via check in a currency other than €uro, please add $2.50 to cover at least a part of the bank fees. Thanks.

    And again, this offer expires Jan 19th, 12.00e noon.


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    All logo submissions for this years' ABW merchandise is officially closed.

    Thank you,


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    I have sent PMs to all who gave me their logos to check if I forgot anybody.
    If you do not get such a confirmation, but wanted your graphic on the merchandise and gave me the pic before => please PM me or post here.



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    Hi sorry for the delay.

    Here is the link for my logo. could you add the gear too? (i'll pay)

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>(i'll pay)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Thats gonna be like.. EXPEN$IVE... an animated logo printed on mug. But it sure would be something new. <IMG src=>

    I'll use the text-only logo. And this one will really be the last one.


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