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    Have you ever noticed some advertisers EPC stats don't make sense?

    Case Study #1
    Take a look at a2zRewards
    Last 7 Days EPC $6.80
    Pays 50 cents/lead
    13.6 leads/100 clicks on Average

    Now Look at their Link Stats
    Banner ID# 3648139 - $64.00 EPC
    128 Leads per 100 clicks on Average!
    All Other Banners $0.00 or N/A

    How do you get a $64.00 EPC with a 50 cents per lead payout? Even if all leads were generated at their Maximum Performance Bonus level (20% increase over the 50 cents or 60 cents), the Max EPC is $60 if every single click through generates a lead.

    Looks Like "Fuzzy Math" to me.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Here's some more "Fuzzy Math"

    Case Study #2
    Free Travel Vouchers
    7 Day EPC $4.89
    Generous $0.05/lead Payout
    97.8 Leads per 100 Clicks!

    Individual Link Stats
    Text Link ID# 1063851 $7.29 EPC
    145.8 Leads per 100 Clicks!

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    It's all smoke and mirrors!

    I have always stood by my % stance and always will ... those #'s are just:

    "Open" Marketplace = Open For "misrepresentation"!


    [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Haiko ]

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    Here's some "unless-es"

    One thought is if they'll accept names affs submit in bulk from forms hosted on their site. Those wouldn't register a click for each transaction, so the figures would be all screwy like that. (I remember reading posts from some who wanted to send in leads in batches, maybe some merchants allow it.)

    I kind of remember reading that private deals do not count toward merchant EPC. But if that info is wrong (ie, they DO count), it could be that someone is making more than 5c/lead off this (travel vouchers) after all...

    But if none of the above is it, then I would have to agree with Haiko. Now that I noticed that their profile still says they pay 30c a lead, I am even more prone to agree with Haiko! They haven't paid 30c since July!

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    look at this one, if you are logged onto cj
    click this link

    Bisk CPE (
    Joined: March 05, 2001
    Category: Professional
    Commission Rates: 25.00% of sale

    3 month EPC $139.79 (view trend)
    7 day EPC $113.24
    Charge-back percent 0.00%

    now take a look at their links, each has a 7 day epc of N/A CLIC K HERE :confused: :confused: :confused:

    [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: mr spock ]

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    About CPE, here's my analysis. They have 2 stars which means they have very few affiliates. It's possible that they themselves are their own affiliates (some of them do that). If there is a N/A it means that there haven't been 100 clicks I believe.
    I guess it's possible they had only a few sales and less than 100 clicks and a high EPC. But it's also possible those sales are through their own affiliate enrollment.

    Yet, if there are some 7 day high EPCs then it means I think that last week they did have over 100 clicks . However, this still could be their own sales to themselves. I believe the EPC changes on Tuesdays so it seems that there may be a new number tomorrow.


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