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    We have just rolled out another round of updates to our terms and conditions. Below is an excerpt of the newsletter that was sent last night:

    "Recently, 1-800 CONTACTS has made more changes to its terms and conditions, most of which are related to software downloads and trademark infringements on search engines. To accept the new terms, visit the acceptance page . You will have until November 30th 2004 to accept these new terms. Please act now to ensure your continued participation in the 1-800 CONTACTS affiliate program..

    Please visit the new pending offer section of CJ (requires you log-in to your publisher account):


    You can also get to our pending offer by logging onto your CJ account. Under the 'Today's Task' section you will find a link to view pending offers. If you are having any difficulty locating the pending offer or have any questions, comments or concerns please email me at:" (end quote)

    I should also note that we have recently been visited by Ben Edelman. He has assisted 1-800 CONTACTS in setting up our own testing lab for spyware software. We are actively monitoring our program and removing publishers as they are uncovered. I wanted to publicly thank Ben for his time and efforts in this arena of affiliate marketing. Thank you.

    Additionally, I have noticed that several sites are popping 1-800 CONTACTS' site from their natural search engine placements (or some instances from within their own sites). This is considered a forced click/cookie by our standards. The explict intention of the user is not to actually visit 1-800 CONTACTS (at that moment) but to view possible deals, coupons or information related to their search about 1-800 CONTACTS. Come on now, have more faith in your convincing marketing power exhibited on your highly optimized sites -- You will convert--, there is no need to be forcing the cookie. I have taken action against several such sites and I am happy to report that most have agreed and are now compliant. I will continue to monitor.

    Finally let me just add, I have enjoyed my time this year as your manager and accept that fact that I have made plenty of mistakes. If I have wronged any of you or you have felt ignored I sincerely apologize. I do feel that the program is on it’s way and ready to turn a new corner. Much of my time this year has been spent policing our program for those forcing clicks and breaking our trademark agreements. Many have been removed from the program and many more have come into compliance and I thank you. This year the focus will continue to be on policing the program but it will not be the primary focus. I will attempt to contact many of you to gain a better understanding of your business model(s) and help optimize our marketing efforts together. Thank you for your continued support. Let's make 2005 a banner year!

    FYI: attached is the latest copy of our terms and conditions, enjoy.

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    I sure signed the new terms and look forward to adding more 1-800_Contacts links on my sites. Throwing forced cookie stuffers in with the BHO's is a smart move as neither actually ever desire to promote what services and products you sell to repeat customers. Surprise Surprise... 1-800-Contacts doesn't market e-mail lists, job opportunities, Telemarketing info or local call girl numbers.
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    What is a negative keyword?

    You must add the following negative keywords to your search marketing campaigns when directly advertising for or linking to 1-800 CONTACTS:

    visiondirect, vision direct, coastalcontacts,
    coastal contacts

    I assume this means that if you have a page with a link to 1-800-contacts and an add, you need to list those words?

    The prohibited section lists:

    you must not: "Overwrite any previously set publisher’s cookies other than your own"

    How do I know if a person visiting my site has set a 1-800-Contact Cookie? It seems to me that the thing that should be limited is forceful changes.

    the contract also says:

    "You must not" Record or document any information on any 1-800 CONTACTS customers or keep a copy of any of the names or associated data generated through the Program via cookies or other software

    My logs keep track of where people come from and where they go to. I assume this is now against the contract. IMHO, I should be able to keep track of whatever happens on my site, and be able to match it to revenue. I am not sure how to automatically delete log entries from people who came in on my site, then left through i-800-contacts.

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