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    ***Letter from Todd Farmer, CEO***

    (If you are a client and haven't received this yet, it is coming)

    To all clients and affiliates who use our software,

    We wanted to inform you of a catastrophic issue that occurred yesterday that affected all of KowaBunga! Technologies products and services.

    As you may know, at approximately noon yesterday, we were made aware that our website was unreachable by the outside world. Upon further and immediate investigation, we learned that all of our products and services were also affected.

    We have since found out that this was due to a conflict between our hosting center in North Carolina and the Sprint Backbone which caused our some of our IP’s and mainly our DNS to become unreachable. We have verified with both our hosting center and Sprint that this problem was not created or caused by any actions of KowaBunga! Technologies and beyond the control of KowaBunga! Technologies. We immediately took all extraordinary actions necessary to regain services for our clients.

    At approximately 8:00am today, we learned that our website and services had been restored and you should have full functionality of KowaBunga products. If you find that you are unable to access or implement your software or services, please contact us at 734-728-4500 and we will immediately investigate your issue. We are currently taking steps to insure that similar problems to not affect our products and services and will keep you informed as to any changes in services.

    Please be assured that we were on top of this issue as soon as we became aware of the situation and deeply apologize for the inconvenience and problems that this issue caused. If you would like to talk with us about any concerns you may have, please contact Rachel Honoway, VP of Sales/Marketing, at

    Thank you for your support and use of KowaBunga! products and services.

    Todd Farmer
    Chief Executive Officer
    KowaBunga! Technologies

    Jim Kukral
    Direct of Emarketing/Brand Manager
    KowaBunga! Technologies

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    Surely they have insurance to cover this sort of thing, so they can compensate affiliates and merchants for lost sales?

    And they should certainly have had a geographically seperate name server for STARTERS.

    That way, they could have diverted traffic to a back-up network with little DNS propagation delay.

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