It is with deep regret I announce that TH Media will longer be an active participant here at ABW. Recently there was an issue with the Navajo server containing Plan 7 accounts. With that issue, many of you have lost the trust in our company. It has also come to my attention that various members have been attacked because their sites are hosted with us.

I understand many of you have hosted with us because of our involvement here, and we understand you may no longer wish to host with us with our departure. With this understanding, if you no longer wish for us to host your sites, please feel free to cancel using our support form. There is an option on the ticket to cancel your account, and this is the 'official' method to do so. While I hate to see clients go, I know why many of you hosted with us and completely understand should you choose to leave. I have also made a request to Haiko to remove our forum.

With all that said, I do want to extend a Thank You to everyone here for their continue support. Haiko and many others have not only become business associates, but friends as well. The ABW community is an incredible community with many great members making this place one of the best corners on the net. It has always been great to see somebody making a post 'How do I build my site' and them later posting 'I received my first check'. I had somebody mention to me today that they were able to make a down payment on a house from their affiliate marketing. That is one of the things that makes ABW one of the best places to learn, share, and grow. Haiko has done an incredible job of keeping things going, while many knowledgeble members allow it to continue to grow in such a knowledgable place.

Again, I wish to say thanks to everyone for their support. I wish everyone well on their endeavors in affiliate marketing and site building.

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