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    About time a stake gets driven into the heart of the liberal, peace-nic, democrat, Bush bashing crowd populating California. The silent majority has spoken and tells them to keep their yapping mouths shut and get back to work rebuilding the 3rd largest economy in the world.

    Could never be rebuilt under any of the democrate candidates as confirmed by the largest voter turnout in calif history for a non presidential election.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    As a Republican I must ask - did a republican actually win ?

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    "As a Republican I must ask - did a republican actually win?"

    A good question. Funny how Republicans want to claim him, and Liberals want to rebuke him. Have you Liberals looked at what he stands for?

    It is a goodbye to a career politician, and hello to a very middle-of-the-road businessman. I don't know, for me career politicians make me ill. Aren't we supposed to have a system where anyone can get elected? (sadly, you have to have money it seems)...

    Anyone here live in Minnesota? How was Gov. Jesse V.? Was he terrible?


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    Yes indeed ... he did say "I'll be back". Fred ... from what I have heard .. Jesse wasn't doing to bad of a job compared to the "special interest driven politicians" in office before him.

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    Arnold is supposed to be fiscal conservative and a social program middle-of-the road liberal.

    Just hope the Democrats cooperate with him to fix California...

    Democrats should see the Writing on the Wall - the people are angry and want change!


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    yes, people do want change.

    next year, they'll be changing-out the career politicians at 1600 pennsylvania ave.

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    Star power wins! Victory goes to the best marketed.

    I doubt that political parties had much to do with the turn out. A professional wrestler for the independent party would have won if he had the most star power.

    California was in a crisis when all of the geeks in Silicon valley were doing well. It was disgusting...being a geek was cool. Everyone was studying computers, engineering, etc.. Hopefully, Arnold will help get our culture back on track and kids will put away those textbooks and pick up some weights!!!!

    Plato believed that society should be ruled by a warrior class. Although Arnold is more of a fanatasy soldier, this is a move back to the Platonic ideal.

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