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    I've never used the "Freebee" lead programs before, so I'm asking here, if this is considered "normal?"

    The offer is "free thing."

    I put the code on the page. My visitor clicks on "free thing." They go to a page that then requests there info.. name, address, email, etc.

    At the bottom of this are a half a dozen OTHER freebee programs. all boxes are default checked. Thus, if my visitor clicks on submit, the "free thing" site just got 6 signups, acredited to their program, and THEN it says "click here for step 2" Which then take my visitor to another page that has a hundred MORE come-ons and they have to click on one of them and presumably finish the process for me to get 1 credit of $.20.

    From my way of thinking, this is just pure con. I send the visitor, they get up to 6 signups credited to someone else, and then step two is just another hurdle to jump.

    This is my first try at a "Freebee" program and I'm asking, is this typical? Is this considered "legit?"

    thank you.

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    Now you know how it all is one big con job.

    Suppose the Freebie deal pays $.50 per lead.
    And there are 10 defaults that each pay $.50 per lead. Viola, as the freebie operator, you make $5.00 and have to pay out just $.50.

    No one get's anything of value except the demographics. If you have 10 players in this round robin, you are getting the "LEAD" and making money too.

    Once you get 5,000 names you sell them thru a list broker for $75 per 1,000 to CC companies and other direct mail people.

    You raise $250k in capital to do a FREEBIE lead deal. You build a solid opt-in mailing list from this program of say 100,000 people
    which is funded from your earnings from the other guys in your "ring" of lead generators.

    As long as it keeps adding new names and funds itself you keep doing it or your quit
    at a certain level of leads.

    Suppose that number is 100k. Now you sell the list thru a list broker for $75 per thousand to a variety of direct mail folks.
    they buy because the list has 'relevant' demographics and these always indicate a higher return than just gathering names out of the phone book.

    Sell the list once a week and you knock down $390k per year, essentially for doing nothing.

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    What i can tell you is that many affiliates do very well promoting the programs that you are speaking of....however, you should only promote the merchants that you are comfortable with. We allow these programs because they really aren't doing anything wrong at long as they legitimately reward the lead without requiring the co-regs....we allow it...

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