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    I sent an e-mail to shareasale, but never heard anything back. As with CJ, we joined shareasale before we started focusing on small businesses (previously catering to music sites). We were declined for the shareasale merchant and publisher referral. Is there way to change that? The e-amil I sent was over a week ago explaining the entire situation.

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    Can you send me your affiliate ID number so that i can look into why your account was declined for the program....i may be able to change that for you. you can email me at

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    Thanks for the reply..I'll get that e-mail off to you shortly. I believe it was because we only did music webhosting at one time. It probably wouldn't have been a good match at the time. I believe things are little more in-line with Shareasale at this time. Thanks again for the quick reply, especially late on a Sunday night!

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