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    We have recently started an affiliate program with sharasale. I am actually just looking for advice from affiliates on what we can do to make our program profitable for all of us. We feel we have a marketable product and welcome advice, criticism, suggestions and comments.
    Our product is the launch pad and our site is
    I appreciate any input affiliates or other merchants have.

    Thank you,

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    cool product. do you have one of those for keyboards too!

    the site was a bit confusing to me as a customer.

    when i tried to figure out how to order accessories, it wouldnt let me. it showed a page, but no way to order!

    i would probably reduce the amount of clicks one has to go thru to actually order

    i can also tell you right now that most affiliates will complain about you having other order options rather than just online. id remove the 800# order call in and move that number to a less noticable place for customer service only. ditto on the mail/fax order.

    i would also mention a price right there on the front page [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    maybe youd want to add a mailing list / newsletter sign up area to keep more of your visitors that didnt purchase??? You can also send them offers and specials later on. Get a free one at

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    Some great advice, I believe we will start with making it easier to order. I like the fax option, however we will look into adding the affiliates code to the option so I can credit the sale manually. These option are not to get out of paying they are to provide the customer an option. I want to pay affiliates. The more money I pay you the more money I make.
    This is a great system that provides us with potentialy hundreds of commisioned sales people. The ones we are interested in are the ones that sell and we want to pay them. This is a win win situation and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help our partners earn while we earn.

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    >i would probably reduce the amount of
    clicks one has to go thru to actually order

    We added a quick button for ordering and to display price it is a quick fix while we re-work some of the pages and add some of the options you suggested and others have suggested.

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