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    I am in the process of buying advertising to recruit affiliates, but to do it properly I really will need to have a way of knowing the referring page that they used to signup on your form.

    Do you have anything internally that could tell me this information?

    If not, is it possible for me to create sign-up forms on my server that send customers to your server? Or do you have any other suggestions.. Without referral info I would really be guessing as to what advertising channels are working/not working.


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    This is a great suggestion. I would also like to see this featured added. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Unfortunately, we can't do exactly as you ask, in terms of providing stats on the deliveries to thos co-branded sign up pages..however, 3 alternatives.

    1. have an affiliate info page on your own site, you will have a lot more creative freedom in that page anyhow, keep the stats on that page, and direct people to sign up on our page.

    2. you certainly can copy the sign up form from our site, and put it on yours. make sure to copy the whole source from our page, and with your webmaster skills [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] , you can integrate it into your own site.

    3. setup a two tiered program. sign up as an affiliate. join your own program. advertise your own link. set the afftrack parameter in the affiliate linking code for something different everytime (different ad campaigns), anybody joining your program through those links will show up as a referall in your own account, with the afftrack parameter displaying which ad campaign brought them there. there are downsides to this, namely, you will have a two-tiered program for everyone, not just if you are interested, best to contact me...

    i am open to other thoughts about this, and we may implement some other way to do it, but as for now, these are 3 options.

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