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    Incentive-A question from a junior!

    Hi every body,have a wondefulday to yours!

    A question,can I make incentive at my site ?Like ask the visitor sign up the program
    and I pay them some commission.


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    You must ask permission from each individual merchant if you wish to send incentivized leads.

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    Thanks notfunnyanymore!

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    As a SAS merchant I have turned off several affiliates that use this kind of promotion to direct traffic to me. Without the few that got through, my conversion rates would look much better! I generally see 1 sale for under a hundred hits, however I had an incentive site ship me 2500+ hits for 5 sales, this s*cks and scews my numbers. As one of the respected members here will tell you, affiliates want to know these numbers and if they are being destroyed by some one offering incentives for clicks, this makes me look bad.

    Now, on the other hand, if you wanted to set up a special coupon for our products as an incentive this would be different. The traffic would then actually look at the site and potentialy purchase.

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    ALL incentive sites, must receive specific permission in writing either by letter/fax/email, and have that information forwarded to for records BEFORE promoting ANY pay-per-lead, pay-per-click programs. Pay-per-sale programs are OK to join without permission.

    For any other details on this, you can email me or read in the terms of agreement for affiliates...

    If you own an incentive site, and do not receive permission before running are in danger or losing those commissions as they may be voided by the merchant and/or your account terminated by if we determine that your actions were intentional.

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