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    January 17th, 2005
    I have been using ShareaSale for some time now and got introduced to ABestWeb through them. I have aided in this site reaching there 5400 plus members, however abestweb has denied me quite a few sign-ups through shareasale.

    I expect this post will be seen by abestweb. I have contacted abestweb through the contact form at shareasale and have received no response.

    Just as I asked through shareasale, I will ask here, why?

    Paul Coonan
    InternetSurfers Alliance Against Fraud

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    January 18th, 2005
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    Paul ..I'm a little confused why you'd choose to put your very first post in the Merchant Fraud section and mention Haiko's shareasale program. I took the time, out of curiosity, to look at your 2 sites and was quite amused to see those listings of all the "get paid-to-surf" or read e-mail programs which are scams. The posts about showed a real con-game suckering in all those webmasters seeking some easy money and traffic. I'm sure most here, except for the greenhorns, know all "get paid your poison" or MLM programs are just pipe dreams to get the founders some quick cash before exiting the scene covering their tracks. Interesting to read the domains of the con-men running these programs in your scam list. I'm sure some dubious folks here know the names.

    I made the mistake of sitting through the normal disgusting meaningless FLASH into into the second site to see if you had up ABW banners as an affiliate. Bang! A huge selection of all the various types of programs that to me are potential rip-offs can be found there under your domain name. This forum forbids displaying links to or promoting any MLM programs because we understand they are deadend revenue streams.

    Please clarify the meaning of your post and if need be send an e-mail to Haiko ..He's always receptive and responds to all legit requests.

    WebMaster Mike

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    January 17th, 2005
    Sorry if this was not the appropriate place to put this post. I am not familiar enough to know this forum and where things should go pertaining to my situation. If there is a better place, then someone who can move this thread can move it.

    If there is a problem with having my own sites in my sig, which are not affiliate links, then please clarify this and I will take them out of my sig. I did remove the one that likely you found offensive.

    In any case, I posted to this thread expecting to get a quick reply.

    I am a shareasale affiliate. I was approved for ABW. I promote ABW in my traffic exchange. People have signed up, and I received 50 cents per sign up to ABW.

    The problem is, I have had nearly all of the commissions denied. I wrote to ABW through the contact form at shareasale asking ABW why they denied my commissions. I did not get a response. Henceforth, I have come here to hopefully get an answer.

    Paul Coonan
    InternetSurfers Alliance Against Fraud

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    January 18th, 2005
    New York
    Hello Paul,

    I have reviewed your account and see:

    Total Hits from this Affiliate: 114
    Hits this Month: 2
    Total Commissions Paid: .05
    Commissions this Month: 0.00

    Network Stats
    Total Sales/Leads Generated: 6.00
    Sales/Leads this Month: 1.00

    I have aided in this site reaching there 5400 plus members, however abestweb has denied me quite a few sign-ups through shareasale.

    With 114 total hits and SEVEN leads I must say that your statement is an utter lie!

    For everyone's edification, The leads I reversed from Paul Coonan are:

    1708059 - LIinnovations
    1688125 - LIinnovations
    1678521 - LIinnovations
    1677777 - LIinnovations
    1677768 - LIinnovations
    1180740 - paidtoreademail

    Five duplicate leads and one paidtoreademail bozo .. yeah ok ... the ABestWeb affiliate program is a fraud [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]

    If you read the TOS of the affiliate program, you'll see that I require 10 posts on the board, it used to be three, but I had many a russian post hi three times in a row. I have many affiliates at SaS that I pay per click in addition to per lead for I know the traffic they send is real and return. I also have affiliates whom I pay up to $2.00 per lead, once again, based on high quality leads! I have no problems with paying for REAL leads but I do find it rediculous to GIVE money away, I know of many good charities who can use the money for better purposes.

    Continued Success,


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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