Hello all abestweb members and valuable affiliates, we are in the process of making changes to our affiliate program and I honesty would like some ideas from you all. I recently changed my site freebiesforever.com with product links and some free offers. Making it simple to navigate is my concern here and being fair to affiliates. I will be searching though all my affiliates in the next 48 hours and dropping affiliates who have adult content, warez, spyware, etc. and sites that do not relate to freebiesforever.com and it's purpose. Here's several ideas I have for new commissions in shareasale. please respond and tell me your thoughts, thanks.

1. pay affiliates 1 cent per hit to freebiesforever.com

2. Pay nothing per hit to freebiesforever.com but 3 cents per product link catagory viewed.

3. Pay based on impressions. 100 views for $1

4. pay 2 cents per product catagory viewed plus $ manual transactions for sales! based on a percentage of commissions. Like freebiesforever.com makes $8 for a product and affiliates will earn $3.

What do you all believe will be fair? to affiliates and of course be reasonable:0).





Santa Cruz, CA 95060