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    Hi All,

    I run a site which sells pregnancy tests/ovulation predictor kits. We're looking at launching an affiliate program. Obviously we're new to the affiliate game, but we've been running a successful online business for a couple years now. The site is pretty solid and our conversion rate is good.

    I'd like to see if the program we have in mind at this early stage in the game strikes you all as viable - i.e. a program that affiliates would be interested in joining. Your feedback is most appreciated.

    Our average sale is $15, but can range from $7 to $100 or more. We're thinking of a referral of 15% on each sale. Repeat buys are common and we would pay commissions on repeat customers.

    That means the typical payout for a sale would be $2.25, but could be as low as $1.00. Or could be as much as $15 for that matter.


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    Sounds like it would be an excellent program.

    Since it has such a targeted audience, you are likely to have a good EPC (earnings per click), even though the average sale price is low. I also like the fact that you are thinking about acrediting affiliates with residual sales. Too many affiliate programs see the first sale simply as a way to get the customer in their mailing lists. I am glad to see people pushing the envelope.

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    I agree, Targeted products or Niche products i suppose tend to do very well, as our affiliates can send well targeted traffic... and convert well, etc...

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