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    Had a bad experience with Shareasale - wonder if I'm the only one?

    Here's my experience: I did a fair amount of research before settling on Shareasale, and finally selected the company for our affiliate program. It helped that I had heard a number of positive reviews from folks here.

    After having some difficulty getting the code to work correctly, I contacted the company by e-mail. Didn't hear from anyone, so I called. No answers were forthcoming there either. Finally got an e-mail from Shareasale, which provided no helpful information whatsoever. Now I've learned that - because we have a Yahoo Store (like 10 million other people - we can't pay commissions on a percentage basis using Shareasale! That doesn't sound 99.9999% compliant to me!

    Anyway, thoroughly disappointing. Would have helped if customer service had been even partially responsive.


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    I have been a long time supporter of Brian and SaS, and can not believe that your Yahoo Store can not interface with SaS; It is simple code to implement and I'm sure that Brian, himself, will assist you with any coding / testing as he did for me.

    I have never seen a 100% tracking network, that is, until I used SaS!


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    Unless and until you can get to the final checkout page in your Yahoo Storefront you won't be able to place their tracking code. CJ had to send a team of programmers just to interface their tracking code to Yahoo storefront merchants. Neither BeFree or LS have done the same task either. Until you a Yahoo storefront memrchant and have admin access you won't understand the problem. Yahoo wants no one having access to their internal shopping cart!! Big security nightmare as evidenced at eBay and Paypal.

    WebMaster Mike

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    I can't complain about the support by SaS either. The Setup took a few minutes and was live the same day.

    The problem is a different one.
    Every merchant who is using one of the "Lego-System" Low Cost Online Store Engines benefits from the low implementation cost to have an online store up and running in no time, because the same engine works the same way for every merchant using the system.

    The Drawback is that you have to rely on the solution and hope that it has all the features you need or want. If it does not support certain features, sorry, wait for the next version or just keep dreaming. Or they do that change for you.. if you are important enough for them.

    Customization is only then possible, if you are willing to pay the price.

    I haven't seen any Online E-Commerce Solution or Engine yet, that considers online marketing serious and built in functionality to integrate affiliate program features.
    Hey, there seems to be a market out there. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    we've tried folks, to talk to Yahoo about the store software...and integration with shareasale...they aren't listening so far...probably because the pressure is coming from us.... (hint: email them)

    The issue seems to be that the agreement with CJ is an exclusive one.... in my opinion, this doesn't benefit Yahoo store owners... but Yahoo certainly has the right to do what they wish.

    You can still place code in a Yahoo store, but it cannot be a percentage based program....cause yahoo wont let you at the total amount of the sale....but you can give flat amounts per sale...

    if you gain the trust of shareasale as well, you can edit the sales manually (we do get the order ID, so it is simple to match up the sales with commissions) ... some of you know how this works...

    Kurkel, I apologize for your experience, I don't see your emails in here, but it is hard to tell without knowing your account, etc... I probably missed them which is my fault...some days there are too many. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] If you want to complete your setup with Yahoo store, you can do a flat amount per sale as mentioned above, and all you have to do is literally cut and paste the tracking code from the box on our site, to the "Order Confirmation Text" within your yahoo store, which is found by clicking the Edit Order Forms link...

    Best way to get help on setup is also to use the number provided at the top of the Quick Setup screen within your account, as only merchants are allowed to have this number....


    -Brian Littleton

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