My first affiliate program just went live at shareasale, and I wanted to announce it here. For those of you that want to check it out, you can find it HERE .

My company, T.A. Rice Co., sells tarpaulins of all sizes, to the home and athletic industries. A quick summary of products in stock looks like this: Silver & Blue tarps, up to 100x100 in size, pickup truck tarps for the auto industry, camo tarps for hunting, home or garden sites, and Yard Tarps, which are really neat tarps that tighten up into bag form, for yard debris removal, or for covering grills, ATV's, riding lawn mowers and such.

I offer 6% on the entire sale, which actually includes all shipping costs, and the cookie is set to never expire. I will approve affiliates manually, to ensure no parasitic elements get into my program. Further, the affiliate agreement states explicitly that no predatory or parasitic elements, as defined by ABW moderators, will be allowed to participate in the program. Any affiliates found to be using such parasitic software will forfeit any commissions due.

I have a long ways to go on this site. It's not 'pretty', and no, it's not optimized as well as it can be: I shall work on developing the site and adding more products over the coming weeks. It does, however, convert - I closed a $1,500 order last week, and a $725 order a couple days before.

The primary advantage that I have over competitors is that I carry oversized tarps in stock, and, believe it or not, those are often 'must have' items, where customers don't have time to shop. Your average brick and mortar shop can't handle 100x100s - they weigh 300 pounds - and customers turn to the internet to find them.

I will be adding customized, American Made tarps to the product mix within a few weeks, so we will be able to fulfill custom orders, which will be even higher in price.

So, take a look, join if you want, but be kind: the site is brand spankin' new. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I will add them to my ever growing list of changes to make!


-Thomas A. Rice
( elbowcreek )

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