Attn: shareasale veterans.

I have one product link / banner I need to remove and two others I need to suspend because the items are temporarily sold out.

First... how do I do this? I only see the ability to edit and not the ability to freeze or delete.

Second... what's the proper way of notifying my affiliates that the links are down. What's the etiquette here?

In case you're an affiliate and wondering. The Z Rider is no more. Thank you for your help clearing our inventory of this item. The Z Lightning and Z Cruiser are sold out for a few weeks. Thank you again for helping us sell out of these awesome scooters.

and don't worry, I'm following these suspensions and deletions with hot hot hot links to our new Currie scooter line. Man... these new scooters sizzle... can you smell the sizzle... ha.


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