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    January 17th, 2005
    I sent thousands of visitors to and more than 100 leads. This site pays $2 to attract affiliates to their program but they have a rule which they claim that it is very easy; "We pay $2 per user who signs up, confirms their e-mail, and earns 3$ or more dollars within 15 days after registration. And in our program it is very simple, easy and fast.".
    This is another method of "Scam". More than 100 leads and all of them have been VOIDED after 15 days. If no one in 100 leads can reach $3 in their program, that means it is impossible! I don't understand how these people can void hundereds of leads and no one can do anything about that. Affiliate networks have all kind of rules to protect merchants but none of them have any rule to protect affiliates. With these rules everyone must open a merchant account! This is the best way to get totally free traffic!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello Tornado,

    We tend to agree with you based on the facts you stated and our review of their service at

    If you had 0 converts, that should be certainly the flag you need to pull their ads. We would.

    Happy New Year. Team

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    Incentive Site. "Get Paid to read emails" junk.
    X Emails everyday with links to search engine sto search for whatever to get x cents.
    xx cents for signing up at newsleters or request a catalog.

    It will probably take 99.9% of the new users a while to reach $3 (but more than 15 Days). Reading 50 Emails and Clicking on 300 Links in those emails. By wasting hours and hours.

    ALL of those sites are SCAM! Period!
    Same for their Affiliate Program.

    There are only a few serious incentive sites out there with real value (such as

    Carsten Partner

    If you can't move things, try harder!

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    I already removed their links. What makes me angry about this are the misleading expressions in their affiliate programs. For the next time I will stay away from the programs that offers values which are to good to be true. This is the second one that I got nothing after thousands of hits. The first one was "xuppa". And the ones that offers 10-20 cents per lead are always paying. You earn slowly but at least you earn something. And I must say that there is a misleading stat at shareasale as well. If you check's ratings you will see lots of stars there that will make you thing that this site is profitable. There is only one reason for this. They void leads after 15 days. But all leads generated during this peirod increase their performance. All "affiliate network" sites must also include stats of "voided" or "rejected" leads-sales of the merchants. This is the only way to stop these kind of merchants. I don't care about what kind of business the people are doing as long as they are doing it honestly. But who is honest? We don't have anything to verify this. So thousands of affiliates just give a try to these sites untill they learn the truth about them. But these trial periods are enough for these sites to get the traffic they want.

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    Hmm I would stay away from most incentive sites. (get payed to click or read email programs)

    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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