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    Add value for your site's visitors by helping them pay less at 500+ big name online retailers and earn money in the process! offers a family-friendly, safe shopping directory of reputable online retailers. posts web-only discounts, coupon codes, special sales and free shipping links and discounts so shoppers don't have to waste time hunting for them. Our customer base has a high rate of return and you earn for each valid click through to that originates from your site. We do not use pop-ups or pop-unders and are looking for family-friendly partners. Quality performers will be considered for higher rates of commission.

    What affiliate in his right mind would join a program where he would give up his possible commissions for a measly $.01 per hit.

    In view of the SaS stance on parasites, I am puzzled about allowing this program into the SaS network.

    What is your view?


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    What affiliate in his right mind would join a program where he would give up his possible commissions for a measly $.01 per hit.

    A non-commercial content site. Depending on traffic levels, an ad placed on the site could generate anywhere from a free lunch to a nice pocketful.

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    Jeeze why don't I steal their thunder and offer 2 cents a click to my shopping portal? The shoppers can forget the hassles of coupons-rebates and jump right to the low coast specials often with free freight!!! Good Chit Cheap is my motto. Now if only I could do like gateway Computers did for 2 years and set the small print to devulge 1 IP unique click per day and a 100.00 minimum annual payout.....LOL

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    Would I join? hell no..

    But some will. A-B and A2Z and other ..... sites like this run programs at CJ too..

    Merchants: Do you realize that some of your affiliates are being paid commission on sales which you have paid for via PPC, offline advertising, and your targeted mailings?

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    How exactly is this a parasite? It's not. It's just ppc. A lot of coupon/deal sites have affiliate programs. I wouldn't use them myself because they are my competition, but for some sites they would do ok.

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