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    January 17th, 2005
    Are all Shareasale merchants required to deposit funds before their campaign is activated? Are there any merchants paying Shareasale on a NET X basis?

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    January 17th, 2005
    I'm a merchant at and I'm required to prepay. I'm pretty sure the same applies to all the programs on the network.

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    I have another question. When I generate a lead, it gives me a Transaction ID which is basically the lead #. My question is, is the lead # it gives just the transaction generated for that particular program only or is it the transaction of any of the programs in Shareasale?

    For example let's say I only work with one merchant on Shareasale. And let's say I generate a lead and the Transaction ID is 5955280. And then let's say a few hours later I generate another lead and its transaction ID is 5955300. Does that mean 20 leads were generated in that hour for only that particular merchant or could there have been 20 leads generated for any of the merchants on Shareasale?

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    Hello Blah,

    I do know that merchants must make a deposit of funds before their campaign begins and info can be found directly at . I don't know about the NET X basis though. I hope not anyway, but Brian will have to answer that.

    C. Pavlovski:
    Hmmm ... good question. I assume your trying to gauge how well a particular merchant is doing with total sales by viewing the numbers if categorized by set vendor ID# 5955(all sale order ad #). I don't believe that is the case. This is a question for Brian to answer and confirm. CEO
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