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    Click to the Magic is an incentive site (hold the jeers, please, it's honest!)
    I apply to merchants who I think would be a great fit for my site and request formal permission when approved whether auto-approved or manual. I only credit for one action each, so members won't try to sign up daily for the same merchant. This is fair and works. For non-incentive allowing merchants I email for special permission if I won't incentivize. This has worked well too for me.
    My question is, and I don't remember upon sign up a year ago, is it possible to state up front sites are incentive so eliminate the formal request? Many merchants do not reply to the request or don't reply to my formal permission email.

    CttM is growing very quickly and I would love to get many new merchants added for value to my site.

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    As in the terms of agreement...incentivized sites MUST have written permission from any perlead or perclick merchant that they promote - and this written permission must be forwarded to us, in either email or fax form. This is done to protect both parties mainly, including you - in the case that a merchant were to void leads saying "incentivized" - and we have the written approval on file, we can get those commissions back for you...


    -Brian Littleton

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