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    I have been thinking about maybe trying to become a featured program at

    But I have no idea if this will work or not...
    I was thinking I try the:
    Logo and Text on Main Home Page
    Rate: $450 per Month - Exclusive

    But I'm not so sure if its worth the money and how many new affiliates I will get, as well as profits...

    You see this is sensitive stuff. The profit I make on my web site is hardly enough to cover $450 per month so in this case I need to get loads of affiliates signed up and make loads of sales to get the money back that I spend on featuring my program. Well will it work?

    That might be a hard question you say, "it depends on your product", well, all I can say is that I have been selling my software for the last couple of months without any problems. All I need is a breakthrough. Could featuring my affiliate program be the breakthrough I need?

    I have tried several marketing tactics like Google adware and loads of other stuff. But I can never get any big results out of this! I think I have tried almost every marketing strategy that I have came over to be honest and I keep getting the same results. So the affiliate program is basically my last hope to a breakthrough...

    Well should I go for the $450 per Month – Exclusive, what do you think?



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    The right product at the right price will produce not only affliates but sales as well. If you aren't making enough on your own I wouldn't count on affiliates to fill the void. The fact is most affiliates are not good producers and the ones that do produce are always on the lookout for the absolute best deals for their business. If you have a great product, offer it at a great price and for some unforseen reason you just haven't gotten the word out on it then yes go for the 450 but you are the only one right now that knows the answer.

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