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    I am using as a merchant on shareasale for 1 of my sites. I am fed up with 2Checkout and want to switch to Paypal. I am just using this for advertising payments and not tangible products.

    I can't figure out how to set up Shareasale tracking with paypal. Is there an easy way or could someone help me? Or should I just pay someone to do it for me? Thanks.

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    Setting up with PayPal is pretty simple. If you have the patience to take the time to read over the documents you should be able to learn it and do what you need.

    The simplest thing you could do is just use the "Buy Now" buttons and give them a successfull payment url (url it goes to when the payment is successfully made by the customer) which contains the SAS sale tracking code in it.

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    You will need to use the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) from PayPal in order to set it up correctly and securely....If you need help, I have a programmer contact who can help you - PM or email me if you would like....


    -Brian Littleton

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