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    Could someone point me toward a thread that for example explained (in fairly simple terms, I'm afraid) how the commission thieves operate - where they strike - what the end result is - how you fight it - how widespread is it - is it getting worse - why is it worse for some merchants than others - how you are aware that you've been hijacked - are the hijackers 100% effective ...

    Thanks - Charles

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    ParasiteWareâ„¢ is technology (including, but not restricted to, browser helpers, browser plug-ins, toolbars and pop ups/sliders) that knowingly or unknowingly undermines or removes another affiliate's ability to compete by changing, intercepting or redirecting an affiliate link. ParasiteWareâ„¢ may be installed knowingly or unknowingly by the end user, altering their normal web browser functions and/or installing a third party application that works through the user's altered browser.

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