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    CJ acknowledged to me today on the phone that a merchant can claim to pay X amount per sale or X percentage per sale in their official Program Terms section, then add more terms in the Program Description column on the advertiser detail page.

    This means that merchants are no longer required to notify publishers of program changes. All they have to do is put an inflated amount in the official Program Terms section, then add to the Program Description their requirements for attaining that amount. These requirements can be changed by the merchant without offering the publisher an opportunity to approve the terms or expire the program. These requirements can also be changed at any time thoughout the pay period, so if a merchant is having a tough month or has extra payables due that month, all they have to do is add some ridiculous volume level to their Program Description so that nobody achieves that level and commissions paid are minimal or none.

    To see this in action, look at the advertiser detail screen for

    This totally changes the way that CJ merchants will act from this point forward and will eventually lead to merchants taking advantage of their publishers at will.

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    BHO's don't give a crap about rule changes as their thievery makes them immune to performance levels. CJ should set a on/off switch for their BHO friendly merchants allowing them to pull their popups at any moment when their funds drop to ZERO.
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