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    In Merchant Status, I found several merchants listed as offline. When I sent the merchants email asking when or if they planned on getting back in business, one replied that he didn't know his program was listed as offline (although it has been that way for over a month).

    Is there a way we can sign up to be notified when a merchant program goes offline?

    Does ShareASale notify merchants when their status changes to offline?


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    That sounds like a good idea. (As is, scanning the merchant status list about once a week is what I do. If I see an inactive, I email the merchant, and then either hold tight or drop depending on the reply if any.)

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    Well Since I'm a merchant there and since what I'v noticed it's quite interesting, but I would like to remind some affiliates and merchants too on my opinions.

    1. Hmm I think it would be nice if Brian could have a email message sent to the merchant that goes offline when they go offline. which they already do, but I think it would be a good idea for Brian to set up a automatic phone message sent to the merchant reminding them that there offline. But I also would like to place my opnion why this relates to merchants and shareasale's terms of service: based on incentive sites.

    Well I had one affiliate who signed up for my program who did not get permission to run incentive site and which is against our terms of service currently. They ran our balance to $0 meaning $60 worth of non quality-traffic which gives me a red urgent warning, and I was away because of a family tragedy at the time. So that could happen to some merchants too because of emergencys, but they should get someone to run there program if they are gone for a month. Luckily I caught that in couple days after the memorial. Oh well that's my 2 cents on this subject. making a difference all over the world!

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    im pretty certain there is something in the merchant set up that asks if you want to be notified when your account falls below an amount that you designate.

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