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    First of all, Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out and answer my questions ... I can't tell you how much I really do appreciate it .

    Now, I'm going to push my luck, but I need to sponge some more of that knowledge out of your brain [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    Now that I think about it from another aspect, and leave CJ out of the question as a possible cause, you may just be right about the problem being on my server , so I wanted to give you some details about what happened to me when my sites were moved to the new server, which happen to be in Altoona PA, they were in Philly before this whole mess.

    (Coincidentaly , about the same that I practically STOPPED making money with CJ, and I must admit, now that I took a closer look, my transactions from the most recent batch uploads with Linkshare and the other networks have also declined drastically ).

    When I first went to upload to the new server(using CUTE FTP), I was not able to connect, so I informed my webhost . What server changes they then made I do not know, but afterwards I was then able to connect HOWEVER.......
    I could not access any folders !
    There were no files as far as I could tell, and no where for me to go .

    After a lot of frustration ,what I did was download WS-FTP Pro (32 Bit), and I was instantly able to connect to the server, and to all the folders.

    With the old server, I never had a problem like that with my FTP program, so this tells me that something is very sensitive now, and not all servers/scripts/whatever can fully connect to mine, which was not the case before .

    Finally connected to my files, which now consisted of back-up files from Sept.4th . Fixed that RIGHT AWAY, but obviously not fast enough for the goooglebot - but that's another sob story [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    Question is finally... What in the world do I say to my cousin when I call,to make him look into this and fix it , without sounding like a pain in the rear nag that does not know what she's talking about .

    I don't want to insult him, but I think maybe, he is unfamiliar with his new stuff .

    He also caused my new built in stats to be available to public eyes - had to password protect that real quick - Geezzz, I am getting so disgusted , this is hard because it is a sensitive family matter too ;(

    He claims I was the only one to complain and he had no problems like this with any other customers . He said to me quote:
    " You know, Everytime you have a problem, it's not always our fault ".

    Hmmm.. Have had only three or four problems in almost two years now, each time it was their fault !!!

    Thinking he must have taken lessons on customer service from CJ [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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    This is a tough one, especially when family is involved.

    From the prior postings, I couldn't see any reason why the tracking should suddenly stop... from my point of view, it doesn't make much sense to finger CJ, because I don't think they monitor on that basic a level. I've had a couple of phone calls with my ISP when I couldn't access my server, and he swore up and down that it was serving pages, but when I persisted, he did a trace route and found a downpipe block. He fixed it, but what he did I have no idea what he did.

    What I would probably do is to still put some pages on another server, just to prove to myself that whatever I was doing was correct. If you're still not tracked, then you've really narrowed down the problem, although nothing that I saw on your site stood out and said "Here's an error!!"

    At that point, I'd make the decision on whether or not to go back to him or just let the whole issue die... You can't move the domain without him knowing about it, so you're really stuck there.

    Your other option is to register another domain close to what you have now, and start over.

    As for the "it's not always our fault" comment, as a user, there's little that you can do other than to write a piece of hypertext that works properly, especially if you're not using complex java or other executables. Write it, upload it, see it. After that, it's someone else's problem.

    Not much in the way of advice, but these family thingies are always brutal. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    Thanks again, I am going to just let this thing die , I have had enough, as I am sure you have too [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    I am going to email CJ one last time,as they claimed they did not have the resources to help me over the phone ,telling me I should email them with the specific links that I am having a problem with .

    I'm just about done with them now, and if no life comes back to their links by the end of the day, I am just taking them all down one by one , no more complaining, no more trying to figure it out, and CJ will be nothing but bitter memories !

    As far as the other networks links, maybe they will perform better without losing targeted traffic to competing CJ links that I gave top billing too, and still didn't track/convert worth beans for me .

    Oh well, time to make new friends, and move on .Nothing lasts forever .


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