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    My wife and I run an introduction agency providing an individual matchmaking and personal introduction service for men seeking Russian brides.

    We have been around since 1997 and on the web for about 4 years.

    We are currently redesigning our web site and considering trying affiliate marketing with SaS.

    What I would like to know is -

    1. Is SaS a good place to be for a UK merchant? (actually we get quite a lot of members from the US as well as the UK)

    2. How many affiliates can we expect to get - are there any potential SaS affiliates who would promote a UK based introduction agency?

    3. Because we offer a personal service and not just selling contact details, commission can only be based on actual member sign ups, so we are considering commissions around $40 - $50 per sign up. Does this sound ok?

    We are really serious about giving this a try and hope some experienced affiliates can give us the benefit of their knowledge

    Many thanks


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    Hi Kevin

    There are a number of UK affiliates on SAS, but certainly not as many as you'd find on a UK focused network. That said (and which I believe you know) what you really want is affiliates who will focus on selling your product to your target audience, regardless of where they happen to be based.

    All my programs sell to US customers but we have vert good partners from all corners of the globe.

    My experience with dating programs is that it is good to have other dating merchants active on that network, being the "only" one is not ideal.



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