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    On the affiliate interface, when searching for programs to join, is it possible to hide the programs that we are already affiliated with?

    Is it possible to do an advance search by commision level or a merchant's Earnings Rating?

    Is there a feature similar to the Linkshare deal dispatcher, performics hot promotions or befree's special partner promotions? It would be great to get all the current promotions available for the merchants we are affiliated with in one spot, whether a link from the affiliate interface or an email?

    Are we automatically signed up for merchant communications via email when we join them? Is there a way to opt out on a per merchant basis?

    Do we receive an email when a merchant goes "offline"?

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    I don't use sas much at all and for what I have it's been with disasterious results.

    As much as I'd like to promote more of the offerings I hate the interface and many of the merchants to.

    For one, when I look at a category why not show the network earnings rating at that level. It's a terrible watse of my time to have to click on every single merchant to find potentially good ones.

    Beyond that, if the merchant can't even provide a banner for their site it's not a good indication for their validity of a merchant. You need to kick these bums out and have higher requirements for becoming a merchant if you want other affiliates and respecible merchants to consider sas a viable option.

    I have no axe to grind and only offer "my perspective" in hopes that you'll clean these things things up which I believe will help sas become a more viable alternative for honest merchants to consider without writing you off as a joke. I wish you much success going forward!

    PeePee merchants with PooPoo policies allow our earnings to be flushed down the crapper.

    Why give parasites unlimited cookie durations and credit for sales where they divert our users and overwrite our cookies. PP merchants directly support what many consider unfair trade practices and thievery!

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