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    3 is your online destination for incorporating your business. Founded by a licensed attorney, we form corporations and limited liability companies in all 50 states. Trained corporate specialist reviews your documents for consistency and accuracy. Thousands of new businesses formed annually by Incorporatetime.
    This affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by offering our online incorporation services to your own clients. By joining this affiliate program, you can help to educate your clients as to the benefits incorporation provides a business, as well as offer your clients the resources to incorporate their business online in any of the 50 states.

    60-day return cookie.

    Flat commission of $25 per incorporation order.

    Brian - Affiliate Manager

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    Do you offer any banners to use for links?


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    Sure, you will find our links listed at the site.

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    I see you still have not fixed your rate calculator and it lists your Agent fee as a state fee.

    I used the state of Ohio for example. The fee for Ohio is $125, yet clicking on llc - then ohio - will result with the right hand side displaying

    state fee: 225
    agent fee: 0
    Add'l services : 0

    That is incorrect and misleading. I pointed this out to you in another thread, where I was told I would be reported for telling the truth.

    This is true for every single state, not one shows your agent fee as the agent fee. For both incorporating and forming an llc.

    As it stand, that is misleading as that is being purposefully deceptive on what fees are state generated and what are agent generated, I don't care what text you have elsewhere on the page, there is no reason to have that calculator except to show the break down in fees - which it does not.

    If you would be deceptive to the traffic that pays you, I would be worried how honest you would be to the people you would have to pay.

    Can you explain why you have the fees mislabeled?


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    The fees listed include all state filing fees as well as our service fee.
    It is clearly stated.

    Our fee includes:
    * Preparing and filing all necessary documentation to form your corporation
    * Name search and availability
    * Payment of state filing fees

    The other post you referred to was actually a compliment:

    Mary- posted August 07, 2003 08:53 AM

    “As far as doing business without being incorporated you are risking all your assets your home etc.

    You people should think about getting incorporated.

    I highly recommend Incorporate Time

    Good price and quick” Mary.

    You seem like you have an ax to grind with our industry in general. Case in point, your quote from the above post "I would avoid any online incorporation site..."

    The fact is we do provide a useful service for entrepreneurs such as Mary above, who are too busy growing their businesses and therefore can afford to (or are smart enough to) delegate such a task to a service such as ours.

    Your statements are not only unfair and inaccurate, but they constitute written defamation, i.e., libel.

    Proceed accordingly.

    [This message was edited by on September 26, 2003 at 03:06 PM.]

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    Wow I'm getting quoted.

    But I would also add that I had no trouble understanding the costs of the service provided.

    Shop around you will not find a better incorporating service at their price, or any price.

    Now I'm even more impressed to find that they were founded by a licensed attorney.

    In fact I was just approved as an affiliate.

    Chez, instead of wasting your time trying defame a good merchant try studying your reading and grammar skills.


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