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    Does Shareasale monitor this board?

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    If you checked some of the threads below this one, you'd see that yes, indeed, they actively do and participate.


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    Yep, they sure do!

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    If they monitor this board why didn't they answer my posting about being Temp. Offline. Maybe for the same reason they have NEVER answered dozens and dozens of email asking why is Temp. Offline. If this is the way they do business with a simply question I'm afraid to think how they act in other situations.

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    I figure that any program that is temporarily offline for more than a week or two has no interest in staying with Shareasale and might as well be dropped.

    However, it would have been proper to answer the question.

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    I don't know why people would keep bothering the AM about an offline offer. When it is offline it obviously means one of two things.

    1. The merchant ran out of money.
    2. The merchant does not care to continue his program.

    Shareasale cannot force merchants to add money to their accounts or make them stay online if they don't want to. And if you emailed the merchant directly and didn't get a reply from them then why even bother with the hassles?

    Emailing dozens of emails asking "why is such and such offline?" is pretty pointless, not to mention I am sure it gets old too.

    I am not trying to make excuses for SAS but man...come on now. Move onto another merchant in SAS to use, they have hundreds of them. I am sure there are few that could do good for you and will want your business.

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