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    January 18th, 2005
    I find there are normally 10% of the merchants that pay 90% of the commissions on most networks. I wanted to find out from other publishers not merchants which they find are the most productive.


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    You probably won't get answers for that question. No affiliates want to tell you which merchants convert for them. Just take a look at which merchants are not performing, and then look at the rest.
    I might give you a list of 10 merchants that do NOT perform, but I will not give you a list of 10 that do

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    I know you weren't looking for merchant replies...

    however, i can assure you that will pay on time, 7%, 30 day cookie and will become a top performer.

    You have my word on it.
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    and Consulting Services
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    As a merchant, I'd say check my program out there. I sell tarps, and specialize in oversized tarps, such as field covers. These tarps can range in price from $400-$3200, and I have the best prices on the internet.

    I offer 8% commission, repetitive sales, cookie is set to never expire, and I hate parasites.

    I persue any emailed or phoned in sales to ensure that if I am found through an affiliate site, they get credit for it.

    Just go to and look for

    I consistantly end up ranked as 5 out of 6 $ at SAS for sales.


    -Tom Rice

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    Take a look at our affiliate program. We offer highly competitive commissions set at 10% with cookies of 180 days.

    With toy season looming we have some pretty interesting products that are extremely hard to find and sell very well.

    A data feed is available at:

    Ron G.
    Affiliate Manager

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